More like shades of grey….

Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery ~ Copyright Juanita Metzger 2018
A sculpture in KWAG outdoor gallery ~ Copyright Juanita Metzger 2018

I attended a black & white photography workshop at the Kitchener – Waterloo Art Gallery today, facilitated by Lawrence O. Fajardo (LOF Photography). I’ve really enjoy the black & white photos he posts on Instagram so I when I saw the workshop, I signed up right away. Why not learn from people who already do this well!

We covered the basics of composition for creating a striking black & white photo; rule of thirds, frames within frames, use of negative space, getting super close to a subject, interesting perspectives and creating a depth of field.

I really enjoyed our explorations of contrast and shadows, lines and patterns and textures and details.  We spent time outside taking a few photos and finished the workshop with a critique of two – three photos from each person.

I’m inspired!

Also, go visit the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. Their exhibitions are impressive. If you ever have the chance to attend one of their vault tours, do it!




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