Throughout 2019 I’ll be writing a local travel column for The Community Edition, a print publication in the region of Waterloo. The column will feature excursions, day trips, weekend getaways or hidden gems within the urban and rural geography of our region. Each month I’ll highlight something noteworthy within each of the three cities (Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo), all four townships (Wellesley, Wilmot, Woolwich and North Dumfries), along with a couple weekend outings to nearby communities.

Just because you live here doesn’t mean you can’t learn from or appreciate what we have with a traveller’s eye and thrill.

– Waterloo Region Through a Traveller’s Eye

I grew up in Wellesley Township and I now live in Kitchener. But, I suffer from wanderlust so I’ve travelled to 19 different countries, almost all Canadian provinces and territories and one third of US states. I will likely add 3-5 more countries to my list by the end of 2019. I’m privileged to travel.

Hyperlocal travel

But who’s to say far-flung destinations equals the definition of travel? I believe we can travel wherever we are – travelling is a mindset and an attitude as much as the movement of our body to different timezone.

Journey with me in 2019 for some backyard travel in our Waterloo region.

Local travel has some genuine benefits; visit destinations in your own community with a traveller’s curiosity and sense of adventure and there’s a good chance you will see things from a different perspective. Guaranteed, you will find places you didn’t know existed. 

– Waterloo Region Through a Traveller’s Eye


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