From the edge of town to midtown – the next evolution of the Mount Hope neighbourhood

Published in The Community Edition, May 2015angel monument in the Mount Hope Cemetery

“Kitchener’s Mount Hope neighbourhood used to be on the outskirts of town – far from the city centre, out beyond the growing industry of pre-1900 Berlin. Quite literally, the neighbourhood was built on ‘the other side of the tracks’.

What was once farmland to the north edge of Berlin, (later Kitchener after the name change in 1914) soon gave way to residential streets and homes as industry grew in anticipation of and after the Grand Trunk Railway was constructed in 1856. Mount Hope quickly became a working class neighbourhood filled with employees who worked in the factories that flanked the rail line on both sides.

Now, over one hundred years later, Mount Hope is no longer the neighbourhood on the edge of town. It is actually a “mid-town” neighbourhood, geographically speaking, as it sits squarely between Kitchener and Waterloo.”




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