Local Easy artists’ passions bring delight for customers at popular markets – as well as pay the bills

Published in Grand Magazine, November/December 2018.
page spread of article by Juanita Metzger in Grand Magazine

“A preteen girl hugs her new meditation cushion. She all but glows as she turns the handmade purchase to admire the cute owl on the fabric. “Do you love it?” her mom asks. Her daughter nods as they step away from the booth with its colourful bolsters, mats and eye pillows.

A twenty-something couple consult a list as they tow their shopping trolley between the aisles of vendors. They discuss which booths to visit first and the things they hope to find: a décor item to spruce up the living room and a gift for friends expecting their first baby. The woman admits she’s also open to surprises – perhaps they will spot something cool and unusual. Clearly, they’ve come to this RIM Park event intending to make some purchases.

These are exactly the kind of experiences and interactions organizers Erin Leroux and Jessica Murphy expect to see at an Etsy Made in Canada event showcasing products by local independent artists and makers.”




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