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100-mile badge, unlocked!

I did it! Back in 2016 I set a goal that I would hike 100 miles in Joshua Tree National Park. I completed that mission today with a quick trot to the top of Ryan Mountain, a 3-mile hike.

At the top, my travel companion presented me with a congratulatory summit sketch to recognize my accomplishment.

As you can see, it was a fine day atop Ryan Mountain with clear views of San Jacinto Peak to the southwest, San Gorgonio Mountain to the north west, Juniper Flats and the California Riding and Hiking Trail.

There’s always a cool refreshing breeze at the summit of Ryan Mountain to dry the sweat from the climb. I always take breaks on the way to the top to notice the rock piles, wild flowers and small wildlife. There are a few Joshua Trees beside the trail and one of my favourite things is to listen to the whistle of the wind through the needles. Careful you don’t get poked in the ear, the needles are sharp!

Back at the JTNP Visitor Centre, I received my official 100-mile sticker. Thank goodness they still had some two years after the Centennial Hiking Challenge wrapped up. Disappointment would have been an understatement if I didn’t get my stickers. I was weirdly attached to getting the final one for my set.

So, now that I’ve completed my 100 miles… what next?? I have in mind that I want to climb all the named peaks in my guidebook. I’ve done quite a few already – the easy ones I feel confident doing on my own. It’s all the big ones – Pinto Mountain, Quail Mountain, Eagle Peak – that are left. I think I’ll need some help with these.


What hiking goals have you accomplished lately?

Joshua Tree is my repeat destination, which I never thought I would do!

In the past five years, I’ve traveled to Joshua Tree, California five times.

Yes, that’s right, five times in five years. With another trip planned for early 2018. This fact surprises even me since I’ve always said I wouldn’t return to the same destination more than once.  because there are so many places to see in the world: ‘Why waste time going back when there are so many more places to see in the world?!?!’

“Back to Joshua Tree again?” friends and family ask every year.

So, I can completely identify with David Gillett’s article in The Globe and Mail this weekend, “There and back again.” Gillett writes about his multiple trips to England’s Lake District.

He acknowledges that some people travel to check sites and locations off their bucket list and proclaim they’ve, “done England!” or “seen everything in Newfoundland!” leaving no reason to return.

But for some travellers, Gillett acknowledges being “pulled back by some unseen gravitational force time and again to a particular place.”

That’s how I feel about Joshua Tree and I’ve got some new insight from a fellow traveller and travel writer about why this happens to some of us.

Although, I have to say, it is hurting my country count… just a little bit!

front page of The Globe and Mail Travel section featuring an article about returning to the same destination more than once
Photo: Copyright Juanita Metzger 2017