….One Front Yard at a Time

In Kitchener, Ontario, and in nearby Waterloo and Cambridge, residents have built and installed hundreds of Little Free Libraries in front yards, adding to the thousands that already in exist around the world.

Published by Project for Public Spaces – December 10, 2015

little free library “While placemaking may conjure images of a transformed public square that attracts thousands of residents, or a revitalized and once-derelict building to which community members have given new uses, it can also take the form of a series or network of smaller activities (think “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” meets the Power of 10).

In the Canadian cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, these free book exchanges are scattered across three closely connected cities at varying distances – from 1 block to over 30kms apart. Even though they are geographically distributed, they create a unique network of places connected by residents’ desire to share books, connect with neighbors, and promote literacy. Little Libraries have become effective placemaking tools for communities and many serve as hubs or anchors on neighborhood streets.”



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